Meet the Nanny!

      Sarah Kee has had animals in her life since the day she was born. Some of her earliest memories are snuggling up to her family's blue Chow Chow, Sampson, who adored that little terror in diapers. As a child living in the country, she was always convincing her parents to open their home (and wallets!) to the strays that roamed the area.

     Sarah moved to Austin after graduating high school to pursue her education at The University of Texas. After living in the dorms her first year, she couldn't stand the thought of not having an animal by her side. Shortly after moving into an apartment, she moved two cats from home in with her and adopted the four-legged love of her life, Cadee, from Town Lake Animal Center, where she was a volunteer.

     After graduating from UT with a BA in English and grinding the 9-5 wheel for a while, Sarah realized the corporate world wasn't for her, and quickly went back to her animal loving roots. In early 2008, she went to work at a locally renown dog boarding/training facility, learning the ins and outs of dog behavior, interaction, training, and nutrition. She worked under highly acclaimed and certified trainers, fueling her passion for understanding animals in every way possible. It is here that Sarah was introduced to Search and Rescue work with Cadee, and spent several years volunteering and training with a local SAR team. Sarah also spent over two years working for veterinary clinics, gaining invaluable medical knowledge and insight that would further her understanding of animal behavior and well being.

     Sarah shares her home with her husband Jason, his daughter Allison (part-time), four dogs (Cadee, Teddy, Jax, and Tre) and three cats (Calypso, Baloo, and Grant). She and Jason also foster cats and dogs on a regular basis through local shelters and rescue organizations.

     Sarah's love for all animals, big and small, her passion and her invaluable experience is what drives her commitment to taking the best care of your fur babies. We promise you nothing but the best in care, compassion, and customer service. We look forward to making you part of our family!

Why us?

With many years of professional veterinary, boarding kennel, and training knowledge, Furry Family Nanny stands apart from the pet sitting crowd. We are more than capable of taking care of your pet's medical and behavioral needs. Come see what sets us apart from the rest!